Basement flooding and your help with water proofing” 

As you may have noticed, water tends to seep into the temple basement with mild rain. When the rain gets heavy, as in during the 2019 New Year Celebrations, the basement floods. 

Following Bante Wajrapala’s instructions, the temple development team spoke with few experts to learn that this is causing significant damages to the interior wood structures, likely leading to deterioration as well as pest and mold infestations.

With immediate action recommended, we have started a waterproofing project to excavate around the exterior perimeter wall and apply a sealant/plastic layer to the wall and footings.

Water proofing project is estimated to cost $13,500.  

In near future we are planning to install new gutters and drainpipes to redirect the roof waterestimated cost for this project is around $4800.

For both of these essential projects total would be $18,300

Your generous support towards this meritorious deed to upkeep the temple falls under “Aawasa Puja” with great benefits, also any financial or other contributions you can make will go a long way in avoiding any serious future repairs or harm to our temple and occupants.

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