We all know the insufficient water supply in our temple is a major concern during the large gatherings like New Year, Vesak, and Katina ceremonies. With the direction of Ven. Wajirapala Thero, we have been discussing a long-term solution to fix this issue over the past few months. Considering the feedback from many of our community members, we decided to install a new water storage tank of 300 gallons with the existing tank (20 gallons) to increase the water supply.  We have got quotations from the experts in the area, and selected the best quotation (below), which is $4933.50 with tax, to install 3 tanks (100 gallon each). We are planning to complete the installation within this month, before the New Year festival which reports the largest gathering.

Now, we need to raise money and looking for your contributions to collect $4933.50. We appreciate any generous contribution towards this project.

The installation of the High-Capacity Water Tanks to the temple was a success! We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who became a part of this project in every way. Thank you for all your generous donations towards this good cause, it wouldn’t be possible without your financial support. We received $6225 in total from your donations and spent $4933 to complete the project. The remaining $1292 is saved for future temple– development projects.